Geek Freak of the Week is Changing

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It has come to my attention along with the others that even if we (the capsule computer guys and maybe yourselves) are quite weird, we don’t do mentionable weird stuff each week.Therefore the Geek Freak of the Week is changing to the Geek Freak of the Four Week… aka month. Ok yes I tried to make it still ryhme and kind of failed.

Anyway please do send your Geek Freak of the 4 Week statements to, or post your entry in the forum link below. It should be about 100 words with a non adult picture as evidence. The last date it should be due is the 27th and of course there will be great pizes coming out of our goodie bag.

So please enter your wonderful entry as soon as that weird thing happens this month 😉

A crazy girl that wishes to be an author.

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