Gears hits the PC! No, not that one!

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If you’re after a game with ‘Gears’ in the title and just can’t hold on any longer, then Gatling Gears has popped up on PC to try and distract you from that other game. OK, so it’s a tenuous link at best, but you still get to shoot stuff! That’s close enough, right?

Previously only available on the Playstation Netork and Xbox Live Arcade, Gatling Gears is a top down shooter that throws players into a quest to save the world and defeat an evil Empire (cue sinister music). Players suit up as retired gear pilot Max Brawley,  and are armed with grenades, rockets and of course, a gatling gun. There are 30 chaotic levels to blast through, as well as plenty of online and offline action in co-op and survival modes.

The game in it’s XBLA form got an ‘excellent’ rating from Dustin here at CC, so check out his review for some more information on the game.

Released today in Australia ($15.95) and New Zealand ($18.90),  Gatling Gears is available via various worldwide digital outlets, including EA’s much loved Origin distribution store…

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