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Fancy a trip to Blizzard?

The World of Warcraft lot have announced the beginning of their annual Blizzard Global Writing Contest. Gamers around the world have the chance to win a free trip to Blizzard HQ in California to meet (and eat) with the writing team. Yes, that’s the writing team. This one is definitely all about the lore, with runner up prizes including sets of game novels signed by the author and the publishing team.

Entries must be in the form of a short story between 2,500-7,500 words, and to save the writers scratching their heads over translation, only  in english. The setting of course, is the Warcraft, Starfcraft or Diablo universe.

“You sit at your typewriter, hands frozen in fear by the sound of
crumpling paper from the darkness behind you. Shadows of broken quills
encroach on your sight’s periphery but slither out of view when you turn
toward them. Summoning your courage, you lash out at the apparitions
before they fade, only to awaken in a cold sweat with pencils and pens
gripped tight in your clenched fists. You know what this dream
foretells: the 2011 Global Writing Contest is upon us!

The Prophecy of the Unblinking Eye portends of a time when writing
contest judges, mad with ocular fortitude from judging the 2009 and 2010
Global Writing Contests, would brazenly unleash the powers of the
Ocunomicon. Seeking rituals to infuse themselves with the twisted souls
of fel ocularians, they look to wield powers not meant for this or any
other contest. But the sacrifices of semicolon keys and left-handed
quills have only just begun, their Inkwells of Despair not yet
depleted—there is time yet to save this contest!”

If you want to put those fanfics to use or just think you have the writing chops and game knowledge to impress the lore masters over at Blizzard, you have until September 28th to get that mini masterpiece rolling. One lucky fan will win the trip to Blizzard HQ, novel sets from each of the three universes, and his (or her, you never know) very own Doomhammer, to um, hammer doom.

For all the official info and to submit your entry, click here.




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