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For those that have been eagerly awaiting the return of the highly acclaimed Diablo series to the gaming market, many will be quite pleased to know that the official Diablo 3 community site has now gone live on Battle.net. Some might wonder how the community site differs from the Main newspage on Blizzard’s main page.

Like other promotional community sites for upcoming video games, the site provides fans with a large variety of media releases, forums, fan-art and community sections, and even competitions. And it must be said, Blizzard and the Battle.net community certainly know how to make interesting contests: Including a writing competition, and a Beard Growing contest in the likes of the Medieval settings of the Diablo universe! But even if you’re not up for engaging with other fans in Diablo 3, then you should still check out the Game Details page, which promises to provide a huge wealth of information regarding the playable character classes, items, crafting and in-game NPC characters and allies. Most of the specifics aren’t online yet, but it’s still worth adding to your internet browser’s “favourites” tab.

Heck even if you’re not a huge Diablo fan yet, it is still worth the time to check it out. It’s just what us gamers need to truly get psyched for what is looking to be one of the hugest game releases of all time.

Community Site Link: http://us.battle.net/d3/en/

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