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Diablo 3 Auction House set to use Real Money

Diablo 3 set to come out later this year is going to have its own auction house like eBay of sorts, which is planned to let players use real money to purchase in game items. Blizzard isn’t putting anything up themselves, leaving it as nothing more than an player based auction house similar to how the WoW house is operated.

The big thing here is that it’s for real world money, so if I were to find a rare drop I could go and put it onto the auction house at a price and if it sells I would then receive that money in my paypal account after the cut that Blizzard take off, of course. The plan is to later introduce gold and even characters up for sale in this auction house. This sort of thing has been going on for a long time now with online MMO’s which refer to it as as “Gold Farming” but wasn’t normally looked upon by the company’s as something they could implement.

I can see where Blizzard is coming from with this as some people that do purchase things from “Gold Farmers” sometimes never receive the items they paid for and end up out of pocket, so this is a way to make it alot safer to stop money theft. When it comes down to it I’m not sure this is the best idea for a game that’s based off random loot drops and giving people an easy way to make money off of in-game good. I don’t believe this is a good idea from Blizzard.

What are you thoughts on these new auction house methods that Blizzard are intending on implementing, leave your comments and suggestions below.

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