Apple win temporary injunction over Samsungs new Galaxy 10.1 device

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Apple, a company that has been synonymous with anti-competitive behaviour from day one, has escalated a patent dispute against Samsung Electronics, effectively stopping the South Korean company from selling its new tablet in Australia until further rulings. With a lawsuit in motion, Apple hope to stop Samsung from selling the device in any coutries where it would seem to be in direct competition with the Ipad.

The Samsung Galaxy 10.1 apparently infringes upon up to 10 Apple patents including the “look and feel”, as well as the touchscreen technology used within the phones, according to Apple lawyer Stephen Burley. Samsung, who are based in South Korea, have agreed to stop selling the device in Australia until the lawsuit is finalised, according to an agreement reached by lawyers during a break. If Apple were to lose the lawsuit it would be liable for an undisclosed amount paid in damages to Samsung.

The dispute began in April, when Apple sued Samsung in the US, with claims that the Galaxy range of products “slavishly” imitated Apples design for their line of Ipads and Iphones currently on the market. Ironically, Samsung supply memory chips to Apple and have retaliated with lawsuits of their own in South Korea, Japan, Germany and the US.

So why the rush for an Australian injuction? Well the Samsung 10.1 has been threatening to hit the market since July 20th, with Apple doing everything in their power to stop any potential customers from seeing it, let alone giving them an educated choice. The decision has been made based on a US version of the tablet which according to Samsung, differs greatly from the australian version. Samsung have agreed to give Apple three samples of the Australian device at least seven days before its sale date so that the California based company has a chance to review it before it hits the market.

Some of Apples strange ethical practices have been in the spotlight over the years and this new act of kindness to their fellow competitors is just another example of their greed, which in the long run has the greatest impact on the customer. Without competition we as consumers are at the mercy of the producer. Everything from the price to the features incorporated in the device will be under full control of Apple, which is bad for the market, the consumer and the industry. Heres to hoping Apple lose this one and have to pay Samsungs bills, and watch what looks to be a superior product give them a run for their money.

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