Zombie Runaway Coming to Google Apps July 26th for FREE!

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Zombies are usually running towards the living to feast on their brains and flesh, but what would a zombie do if a zombie apocalypse failed and there was only one zombie left on earth, and angry humans were trying to kill it? Well Com2Us has an idea-LEG IT!!! The popular iPhone game Zombie Runaway, where players try to outrun humans through a gigantic cemetery in order to survive is coming to Google Apps on July 26th FOR FREE!

Yep, that’s right! As of July 26th you can enjoy the addictive game play of both normal and blitz mode, grab boosters, dodge obstacles and upgrade with special gear for free with leader-boards so you can take on your friend’s scores. We absolutely loved Zombie Runaway on the iPhone, check out our review for it here!

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