The iControlpad: Physical Controller For Smartphones

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The iPod Touch had the right idea. Or at least the right name. It was all about touch. I feel that the more Apple develop, the further they get away from the haptic nature that the technology first utilised ever so well. At least in gaming. Sure, swiping, tilting and whatever else the game might ask you to do is well and good, and I’ve played some really innovative iOS based games that have just blown me away in terms of control and interface design. But there is still something so nostalgic and warming about a button. The multi-purpose nature of iOS devices makes them a key target for casual game developers, but what about those with a little more hardcore blood? Those who long for the warm touch of a button? Sure, there are other portable gaming devices, but as I said, there are some fantastic games developed just for iOS, some which might benefit from a more traditional video game interface. Enter the iControlpad (the developers are fond of the abbreviation iCP). The iCP is a portable extension for iOS devices that brings that traditional gaming interface to iOS. It features: digital D-pad, two analogue nubs, six face buttons and two rear buttons and a side clamp system to lock in phones. In the video shown, there are emulators being run on both the iPhone and iPad, I should note that users can only use these on jail broken iOS devices, but the controls themselves will work with a number of games from the App Store. The iControlpad also works for Android, Maemo, WebOS, Windows Mobile PC and MacOS, as well as iOS and judging from the video can be operated wirelessly. The iCP can be purchased for $56.99USD on its own or as a pack for $69.99 USD. Check out the iControlpad official website for more information on the product, as well as information on how to order it.

I am a current media student with a focus on video game research.

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