Sony confirms PSN Pass in Resistance 3

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A troubling bit of information was discovered in Europe earlier today when an image of the European version of the Resistance 3 hardware bundle showed the existence of something called the “PSN Pass.” German website Konsolentreff was the first with this image and it seems that SCEE was quick to respond to the rumor,unfortunately confirming the existence of said PSN Pass.

The PSN Pass will work similar to the Project Ten Dollar or Online Pass move that other companies have taken, where online access will require the use of a one time only code that will enable new copies of the game to play online, while used copies will require a separate code purchase. Both SCEE and SCEA released a statement about the code today, saying that it is a “game-specific” program but will be used in the future. I’ve always been an advocate against these annoying online pass measures, but what do you think about this move?

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