Pro Evo 2012: Control two players at once

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2012 is shaping up to be the year where sports games get a major overhaul, and Pro Evo 2012 is no different. Konami have just announced in PES 2012 will have a new Teammate Control system which allows gamers to control two players at once.

The Teammate Control system will allow for the control of a secondary player while running with the main player, and can be used in two ways: the user presses the right analog stick in the direction of the player which they wish to control, but by holding down R3 the user can activate a second player in Assisted mode. Alternatively, Manual mode offers the user complete control of the second player; when R3 is released, the user goes back to controlling the main player.

Other improvements have also been made to PES 2012, including an Active AI which ensures players track targets more effectively, and one-on-one situations will allow defenders to jostle for the ball and attackers to feint. Movement and reactions have been enhanced (there’s a three-frame improvement in response times), and aesthetics have also been refined.

According to John Murphy, European PES Team Leader for Konami, PES 2012 will be a sophisticated title that will push the franchise to that next level.

“The addition of Teammate Control is something we have been working on for a while now, and we are delighted that it will make its debut in PES 2012. We have been building to create a control system that truly lets the player do whatever they like on field, and the ability to manually control a second player while simultaneously running with the ball opens all kinds of attacking options. Coupled with the Active AI advancements that ensure supporting players make shuttle run and find space, and I think we have made a huge step towards producing the most advanced football title to date.

“This is the start of a major new era for PES.”

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