Parrot AR.Drone Challenge Phase Two

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We’ve obsessed about the AR.Drone, we’ve dressed it up like a cloud and tried to fool people, we’ve taken it to a dinner and a movie then introduced it to our parents, we’ve discussed all the things that Parrot are doing to make it worth your while to pick one up, showed off all the new games and competition videos and finally, cried like little babies when we had to send it back to Parrot. But today, we’re happy to give you the skinny on the second AR.Drone Challenge starting on July 8, to qualify for the International Grand Final in Paris!

Second Challenge: The Homerun
On 8 July, Parrot will post its second challenge on Participants will have to film themselves while reproducing the challenge and post their videos on their preferred video sharing website before August 14th.

The criteria taken into account will be:
• The strict observance of the instructions laid down for each challenge.
• The time taken to complete each challenge, the objective being to make the best time possible.
• In the event several participants complete the challenge in the same length of time, a tie-breaker will be introduced in the form of scores allocated on the following qualitative criteria: style, technique, attitude, etc.

About AR.Drone Challenges*
‘AR.Drone Challenges’ consists of three challenges for pilots of the AR.Drone, within the framework of an international competition* which will take place from June 24th till August 14th 2011.

The pilots will have to reproduce the three challenges, film their exploits and post their videos on a sharing platform of their choice before August 14th, 2011. After this date, a jury will determine 14 finalists who will participate in the grand final in Paris.

• Grand prize: 1 round-trip to Las Vegas during the ‘Consumer Electronics Show’, valued at $3500 (includes transportation, accommodation and meals)
• 2nd and 3rd place prizes: 1 iPad 2 valued at $700
• 4th and 5th place prize: 1 helicopter flight valued at $425
• 6th-14th place: 1 AR.Race kit valued at $125

Each winner will also be awarded a Parrot AR.Drone valued at $299

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