NFL 2011-12 Season Back on! EA Celebrate with Madden ’11 Discount!

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If you haven’t heard, an agreement was reached for the NFL’s 2011-2012 season to continue on as scheduled. While this is certainly great news for sports fans, EA want to celebrate with a deal of their own. If the recent posting on EA Mobile’s Facebook page gets 500 “Likes”, Madden ’11 will go on sale for the iPhone and iPad for just $.99.

Here is the posting in full that can be found on the Official Facebook Page:

The NFL season is on! To celebrate, we’re making a play to cut the price of MADDEN NFL 11 to 99₵ for iPhone and iPad – but we need 500 “likes” for everyone to score the savings. Are you ready for some NFL football? Then LIKE THIS POST!

Even if you are not a sports fan, a simple like can go a long way for those who are wanting Madden ’11 on the cheap, so follow the link below and take a second to click Like on the post.

The EA Mobile Facebook Page can be found by following this LINK.

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