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Sooo I’m going to be different this time and I’m actually going to talk about an event. One of the best events for the anime lovers just like me, Smash! I love Smash ever since I first went to it and I plan to go to it till I’m like way too old to cosplay or something. Why do I love Smash so much well… that’s what I’m here to talk about.

Today I’m specifically looking at the Smash which just happened, Smash 2011.

Here is some helpful information:
What: SMASH!
Where: Convention centre in the Sydney City

All that was rememberable:

• The great cosplay such as:
o Zero Suit Samus
o Agito and Akito
o Sebastian
o Grell
o Ciel
o A predator
o Zero (lelouch)
o The girls from K-On!
o A Scyther
o Lots of Hatsune Mikus
o Ok there’s no way I can name them all

• The art stalls that sold lots of:
o Posters
o Badges
o Art
o Comics
o Commissions

• The stalls that sold:
o DVDs
o Comics
o Models
o Pillows
o Manga
o Contacts

• The events that included:
o Ball-jointed dolls
o Fanfic competition
o Karaoke
o Maid cafe
o Trivia
o Bandai Model Kit World Cup
o BJD Competitions
o Cosplay Chess
o Cosplay Competition
o Mario Kart Competition
o Street Fighter Competition
o Mascot Music Madness
o Makeup Panel
o Pattern-making & Sewing Panel
o Photography Panel

• Guests that included:
o Shinichi Watanabe
o Little Kuriboh
o Kenji Ito
o Hiroki Kikuta
o Eminence artists and Mario Yoshida

So if you haven’t gone this year, I seriously advise for you to get next year as I personally can’t wait!

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