MLB Bobblehead Pros can be downloaded right now from XBLA

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Bobblehead day at your local ball park is always a special occasion.  With your favorite team member reduced to bobbing minutares, the game feels like a totally new experience.  Now, you can have that experience in your living room, as Konami has released MLB Bobblehead Pros for the Xbox Live Arcade.  All players can be downloaded and played within the game.  Online features are also included, as well as 30 ballparks and a full 162 game season modes.  DLC in the form of   MLB  Bobblehead Stars will be released in mid July.  MLB  Bobblehead Battle will feature a batting battle that will be out later this year.  Look for our review of this game, coming very soon.  The game costs 800 Microsoft points or $10.00.

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