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How was Smash 2011? The Fans Let Us Know

So those who did go should know how it was already but if you were just wondering how others felt or maybe if you didn’t go and are wondering what is there and if it’s worth going to next year you should really read below.

I loved Smash, especially with all the new space but let’s just not take my own word for it. Here is what other people had to say:

1. What did you come to Smash for?

• To observe the anime/manga community and to reassure myself that I am not the only nerd in Sydney. – Flem

• Porking babes. – Link

• Do media stuff and meet LK. Also catch up with friends and the like. – Link

• To hang out with my friends, and check out the Gundam shows and workshops. – Spike

• The experience, work. – Matt Vella

• To see all the GREAT COS PLAY outfits – Phil

• Media shit and to meet all Capsule crew in the flesh for the first time, was good and sexy. – Luke

2. How have you liked this convention?

• Fantastic venue and well organised, but not entertaining, only because there wasn’t anything particularly interesting to purchase – Flem

• This was my favourite convention this year. OK, maybe equal to Armageddon. – Spike

• Loved it! – Matt Vella

• SMASH was probably the best convention this year !! Very well organized the staff were well trained and knew what they were doing.- Phil

• In all my years of convention going (since 2k4) this is probably the best one I’ve attended. – Link

• It was also good and sexy. – Luke

3. What was the best thing about this convention?

• The Professional Photo Booth – Aura

• Events for the fans to interact with. Limiting special guests I think worked in its favour. –Spike

• Organization. – Matt Vella

• COS PLAY !!! We had some amazing outfits this year!- Phil

• Easily my interview with LK. – Link

• I loved the organisation and the location, bloody brilliant also it was good and sexy. – Luke

4. What was the worst thing about this convention?

• Not enough time to do everything we wanted to! I wish it ran a little longer, or perhaps over 2 days. – Spike

• Lack of food stalls inside. – Matt Vella

• Probably lack of access to decent foods, or themed foods. – Link

• I’m sorry I had to say it, but the MAID CAFE was really really bad, I just go back from Japan and this Maid Cafe was nothing like the ones in Japan. – Phil

• Not enough food outlets. – Luke

5. What do you think of the price of the ticket?

• Perfectly reasonable. I liked paying for those badge passes. 🙂 – Spike

• Good. – Matt Vella

• Ahh Media Passes are great = FREE 😉 – Phil

• Pretty reasonable considering the quality. – Link

• Reasonable. – Luke

6. What do you think about the venue?

• Big and great for the number of people – Aura

• Perfect size for the number of people that attended. – Spike

• Perfect! – Matt Vella

• Excellent location easy for everyone to get to without too much hassle.- Phil

• Loved it! – Link

• It was good and sexy. – Luke

7. How was this convention compared to other conventions?

• Equal in greatness to Armageddon this year. Oddly, I found the smaller the better this year. 🙂 – Spike

• Better 🙂 – Matt Vella

• SMASH in my honest opinion was the best one this year, yes it was the smallest but it had a more personal touch and feel to it. I felt like all warm and fuzzy inside when I was walking around. I didn’t want it to end 😉 – Phil

• As stated in number 2. – Link

• It was personally the best convention I have ever attended. – Luke


8. What was your favourite stall?

• Anime at Abbotsford – Aura

• Zombster and Madman. – Spike

• The Japan Foundation.- Phil

• @Anime atAbbotsford – Link

• I personally really liked a cute little stall called Hondarake – Full of Books, I picked up some really check manga there, loved it. – Luke


9. What was your favourite moment of the convention?

• Littlekuriboh events. – Spike

• Cosplay Competition, SF comp, Panels. – Matt Vella

• The COS Play Competition. Very well Organzied- Phil

• As stated in 3. – Link

• Sexy time with Linkage and Matty – Luke

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