Geek Freak of the Week – 1

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Geek Freak of the Week

Welcome to the first Geek Freak of the Week.
This weekly article is simply a humorous way to see who did the weirdest thing this week. Anyone can join all you have to do is enter next week by emailing picture evidence and 100 word explanation to (It must be M rated or below though.)

This Week’s winner is Luke and they won a bag of jelly beans!
(Just because this is the first one and I don’t have a great prize on me at this time being)

‘On the day of the SMASH! Convention I met several staff members for the first time, but none had the alluring sex appeal of none other than Editor Ben “Linkage Ayexe” Webb. His sexy body drove my loins wild and I gave him several doses of Luke-Lovin’, in the most non-gay way possible, right Linkage? 😉
In my final goodbye to my lover.. I mean fellow Editor, I gave him a big ole’ rape hug goodbye, and he liked it. 😉 Then sadly I was on my way. That night I dreamed of Linkage and I know he dreamed of me too. See you soon Linkage ;P’ – Luke

The runners up are Link and Aura

‘As a ninja I get owned by Android 18.’ – Link

‘Drank a jug of blue lagoon with my best friend, then proceeded to 24 hours open Kmart. What proceeded was what I guess most would call weird, I went drunk shopping. I bought skinny jeans that don’t fit me properly and are randomly itchy… I bought underwear, tried on dominatrix high heels. Made my best friend (which is a guy by the way) where Oscar the grouch (from sesame street) pajamas. We also proceeded to put all the stuffed toys, with suspicious looking expressions, look like they were enjoying sexual activities and then left them for the little children to find in the morning.’ – Aura

Next week you can win whatever we pull out of our bag of goodies (probably an Xbox live arcade game or a PC steam game) so start emailing me your geek freak of the week story now!!!!

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