Dead Block now out on Xbox LIVE Arcade

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Dead Block, a zombie tower defense game from Digital Reality and Candygun games has hit the Xbox LIVE arcade today. The game set in 1950’s USA, places you into the throes of a zombie apocalypse. Let’s not forget the apocalypse was caused by that dang rock n’ roll music, which evidently has the ability the raise the dead and make them hungry for some juicy brains.

The game feature’s 3 heroes; Mike, Jack and Foxy as they defend themselves from the brain-dead rotting corpses lusting to devour their brains, by hiding in shelters and boarding up windows as they attempt to fortify their town from the zombie invasion.

Featuring a total of 10 levels of single-player mode and a 4-player split-screen local co-op mode, the game provides you with many opportunities to take on some deadmen with or without friends.

Dead Block is available on the Xbox LIVE Arcade for 800 Microsoft Points and is also available on the Playstation Network for $9.99. For more information about Dead Block check out the official website and watch the launch trailer below.

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