Bungie Super Jackpot celebrates freedom & anniversary until July 8th

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Bungie is going all out this year for their Bungie Day, 20th anniversary and July 4th celebrations. In addition to their 20th anniversary sales and special items at BungieStore.com, they are also auctioning off several concept art pieces for charity on their eBay site. The most far reaching celebration though, is buried deep within the Halo: Reach playlists. From now until July 8th, every single playlist and gametype will give you the chance to up to 30,000 cR in a Super Jackpot at the end of a match. In a tweet posted earlier today, Bungie confirmed this saying, “Halo: Reach Super Jackpots are live. Every playlist, from now until 7/8, has a chance to payout 30k Space Bucks. You’re gonna be rich!”

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