Beyblade Metal Masters Coming to NDS in November

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Konami have announced their latest game for the Nintendo DS, Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex. Based on the hugely popular range of Beyblade toys, the game is due to be released in November. Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex brings the skill of the toy range to the Nintendo DS as players can customise their own Beyblade spinning top. Players can then test their skill against 37 characters from the television series. Much like a battle with the toys, the last-man standing decides the winner, with players timing their attacks perfectly to send their opponent out of the area while at the same time keeping their Beyblade spinning at all times. Players can also perform key attacks from the television series, allowing players to perform the ‘Pegasus’ attack to smash their opposition. The controls have been kept very simple, yet offer many tactical strategies such as combination attacks via a series of button presses and also spectacular finishing moves to smite opponents. Owners of Beyblade toys can enter a special code to unlock its constructed Beyblade parts in the DS game. Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex offers 100 enhancements in total to the player’s basic Beyblade. Beyblade Metal Masters: Nightmare Rex also comes with an exclusive Beyblade top that until now was not available anywhere outside of Asia. The game also comes with Wireless Battle Modes that allows users to verse each other, as well as 100’s of missions and survival modes for the solo player to develop their skills. On top of this, by equipping Bey Force players can strengthen their Beyblade properties by winning competitions. These power ups can then be used in a variety of multi-player modes. This latest Bayblade game really makes an effort to push the boundaries of both a game and of the Beybalde toys, joining them together in a new unique way that sounds fantastic for fans of the Beyblade franchise.

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