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Bad Boxarts: Sony Playstation

Yes, I know it’s been more than a week, but after a long hiatus, we are finally back to bring you even more of the worst video game covers of all time. This week, we will be looking over the Sony Playstation’s most hideous covers to come about during the prestigious console’s lengthy lifespan.

The late 90’s brought about boy-bands, the internet, and gaming in 3D worlds for the first time. Unfortunately, creativity was not included for some publishers though which lead to some quite questionable covers for some of the true gems on the console as well as the usual rush job releases that we could easily expect these shenanigans from. Join us as we look over and reflect upon the “Bad Boxarts” from the Sony Playstation.

E.T.: Interplanetary Mission

You would think a landfill of E.T. games on the Atari and the video game crash of the 80’s would have been a warning sign for some, but apparently the folks at New Kid Co. just had to have more of the beloved alien. E.T.: Interplanetary Mission released in 2002 with little advertising or promotion, and while the game was a step up from the trainwreck on the Atari 2600, the boxart for the game certainly didn’t help matters for the already doomed title.

I can honestly say that E.T. is designed rather well here aside from the soul-less death stare, but someone forgot to finish the job. Looking like a paint by numbers canvas, this cover and the creepy pedo-robot in the background helped cement the fact that Steven Spielberg’s creations from the past should stay in cinema, and far away from any home console.

Resident Evil

The Resident Evil series is without a doubt one of the top franchises in gaming today, but it did not become that way with the cover art that started it all years ago. First thing you will notice is Capcom’s first (and cringe-worthy) representation of Chris Redfield on the cover, giving off an expression of either shock or flatulence. Why is Chris reacting this way you may ask?


To be fair, there are actually enemy spiders in the game known as Web Spinners, but I don’t think anybody who remembers the original will say “Oh yeah, that was the one with those spiders!”.

Thankfully, the Director’s cut gave us some pure zombie love just a short time later.

Irritating Stick

Who can mention horrible boxarts on the Playstation without showing love to everybody’s favorite, Irritating Stick. Irritating Stick was a game where players must control a stick through various mazes with annoying commentary and tedious gameplay. The cover for the game however shows us…well, an Irritating Stick.

I don’t know if it’s the head-ache inducing colors used or the Microsoft Paint-like design, but I get a bit angry everytime I see this cover. I am still on my quest to track down those gloved hands and break that damn stick, but to do that one must go to the depths of mediocrity to find this title that has remained buried since 1999.

Street Racer

Ubisoft really know how to get your attention with their covers, and in the case of Street Racer, we have a whole lot going on at once. The first thing you will notice is the man who appears to be taking a bat to the blonde with the quite happy car. Apparently, the sumo approves and is ready to High-5 the greaser for this “fun” case of domestic abuse.

I have no clue what the rabbit is doing there, but you should turn your eyes to the background for a very eerie cameo.

Yea, right there.

Coincidence? I think not.

Jounetsu * Nekketsu Athletes: Nakimushi Coach no Nikki

I think I will just let this Japanese Olympic’s gem speak for itself…and yes, that is the genre oddly enough. (LOOK STEVEN! IT’S A DOUBLE RAINBOW!)

So tell us in the comments below your own opinions of these astounding masterpieces, and join us next time when we check out the many wonders of the Game Boy Advance!