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Alienware Area 52 Video

I tried to explain Alienware’s Area 52 event the other week, but my description of the show they put on didn’t do it justice. Now a video of it has been uploaded to the Alienware Area 52 YouTube page, capturing most of the experience. It’s not as impressive as being there was, but it’s still quite cool.

As we said earlier, Alienware are taking their tech on a tour of the East Australian coast in the coming months, beginning in Sydney on July 19th, before visiting Melbourne and Brisbane at some point as well. Keep an eye on the Alienware YouTube and Twitter (#AlienwareA52) pages for regular updates.

The tour will consist of the caravan they call the Airstream, inside which are several of their gaming PCs and notebooks to try out. Those hoping to see a repeat of the show in the video will be disappointed – it seems that was a one-off media stunt. If you’re still interested in seeing what all the fuss is about, the Sydney dates and locations are as follows.

July 19-21
Circular Quay East

August 11-13
World Square

September 5-11
Westfield Bondi Junction

October 10-11
Martin Place

October 12-14
Customs House

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