Xbox to become Enchanted with Kinect Disneyland Adventures

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Microsoft made it clear with their presentation today that they were trying to appeal to gamers of all audiences. Kinect Disneyland Adventures was one of the titles announced earlier today that is directed at the family market. In this new Kinect title, players get to explore the magic of Disneyland from the comfort of their own home, with many familiar faces such as Mickey Mouse, Cinderella, and other classic Disney characters.

Theme park exploration isn’t all that this game has to offer though, as during the presentation we seen two kids with somewhat decent acting skills take to the skies as they flew over the Disney Unverse, collecting coins and dodging obstacles on the way through Neverland as well as pulling a Super Monkey Ball type move and rolling in hamsterballs as they spun through Wonderland. The whole presentation/gameplay shown wasn’t too informative, but from what we seen this is of course another on-rails type of game that appeared to feature crisp, clean and colorful visuals that captured the whole Disneyland atmosphere perfectly.

You can watch the presentation in full below and don’t forget to “GRAB THE COINS”!

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