The Silent Hill series is back to terrorize

Konami had quite an E3. Kicking everything off with the pre-E3 press conference, they announced a lot of interesting and cool features that will be implemented in the years ahead.  They also had some great news for fans of the Silent Hill franchise.

First off, Silent Hill Downpour will be three dimensional.  Yup, all those scary monsters and dark corners will come straight out of your TV to terrify the beejeezies out of you, assuming you have a 3DTV of course. Peep the newest screenshots of the game below.

KORN will be creating an exclusive song for the game too.  Downpour is set to release on the Xbox 360 and PS3 in the Fall.
Next it was revealed that a Silent Hill HD Collection is hitting stores in the Fall of 2011 on the PS3.  The collection includes the 2nd and 3rd game in the game series.

Finally, a new Silent Hill game for the Playstation Vita is coming.  Called Silent Hill: Book of Memories, it has a new storyline and it brings co-op multiplayer to the franchise.