Razer’s exclusive Old Republic peripherals

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Razer is super excited about the next big MMO in the gaming world, The Old Republic.  As a result, a slew of gaming accessories for the game are being exclusively produced for the game.  A mouse and keyboard are both slated to be created, as well as a headset and more.

The really cool innovation, a first in the gaming world, that is present in the keyboard is an “LCD panel with a row of adaptive tactile keys above that can cycle through skills, hotkeys and macros with matching graphics from the game for maximum competitive efficiency.”

All the accessories can be customized to show your allegiance to either the Republic or Empire.

“We expect nothing but the best gaming equipment to complement our major entertainment franchises,” said Patrick J. O’Brien, Vice President of EA Entertainment, Electronic Arts. “Razer’s excellent track record in producing phenomenal gaming peripherals makes them the best partner brand to deliver on our high level expectations.”
“By working closely with EA, Razer is providing an avenue for the major game publisher to use their software and our hardware to create synergy, giving gamers an exciting and unparalleled gaming experience unattainable elsewhere,” added Min-Liang Tan, CEO and Creative Director, Razer. “We are challenging ourselves to create peripherals that add a level of immersion to video game titles that we are deeply passionate about.”

For groovy prices, rad screenshots and more awesome feature sets, check out the official website here.

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