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Calling all Pokémon trainers in the U.S.!!!

The Pokémon U.S. National Championships will be held at Indianapolis, Indiana between July 8th– 10th. Pokémon Trading Card Game and video game players will get to battle it out for a chance to obtain places for the 2011 Pokémon World Championships in San Diego, California, August 12th-14th!

In its 8th year, the Pokémon Trading Card Game National Championships will see an expected of more than 1 500 players competing for 24 invitations to compete at the World Championships! A battle pandemonium! Players will be giving it their all to best 1476 other competitors (using 1 500 as a guide). This means approximately only 1.6 % will advance to the world stage! They’ve got a tough 3 days going for them next week!

Think you’ve got what it takes to win? Pre-registration for the Pokémon Trading Card Game will take place on July 7th-8th at the Indiana Convention Center. It’s open to all U.S. residents with a good standing in the Play! Pokémon program. Players won’t have to qualify, but there will only be a limited number of places so you’d better get in quick as places will be given on a first come, first-served basis.

Players placing in the top eight in the Junior Division (born 2000 – ), the Senior Division (1996-1999) and the Masters Division (1995 or earlier) at the end of the 3-day event will be given a place at the 2011 Pokémon Trading Card Game World Championships where they will compete with the best of the best from players around the world in more than 25 countries and win scholarships, medals and other prizes from The Pokémon Company International!

Visit www.pokemon.com for more information about the 2011 U.S Pokémon Trading Card Game National Championships.

Now for the Pokémon Video Game National Championships!

Thousands American players have already competed at the regionals in the 2011 Pokémon Video Game Championships Series. And now only the players who placed in the top 16 at the Seattle, San Jose, Dallas, Atlanta, Washington and Newark regionals received invitations to compete at the Pokémon U.S. National Championships! Players placing in the top 8 in the Junior, Senior and Masters divisions will obtain a place at the 2011 Pokémon World Championships, where they get to compete against the best from Europe, Japan and South Korea!

Did you miss out in the regionals and still want to compete at the national championships? Well not to worry, you get one last chance! How you ask? At the U.S. National Championships Video Game Last Chance Qualifier tournament which will be held at Indiana Convention Center July 8th! Registration is done on the day and players will need to bring their copy of Pokémon Black Version or Pokémon White Version and their Nintendo DS, Nintendo DSi, Nintendo DSi XL or Nintendo 3Ds system. The top 16 finishers in each division will receive a place the next day in the National Championships!

Visit www.pokemon.com/vcg for more information about the U.S. Video Game National Championships and U.S National Championships Video Game Last Chance Qualifier tournament.

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