Plants vs. Zombies Upgrade For iPhone

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The iPhone version of Plants vs. Zombies has sprouted an update. Popcap Games are pleased to announce that their new update will feature additional content, mini-games and achievements. The update will include a brand new game mode title Zen Garden, as well as six mini-games: Zomiquarium, It’s Raining Seeds, Column Like You See, Slot Machine, Beghouled Twist and Portal Combat. To give you a bit more encouragement to get through these games, Popcap have also integrated a bunch of achievements for you to earn. Wall-Not Attack, which can be gained by completely ZomBotany without using wall-nuts, tall-nuts or pumpkins. Lucky Spin, by getting three diamonds in slot machine. Chilli Free, which can be attained after completely Column Like You See ‘Em without using jalapenos. Enlightened, which can be achieved after collecting Zen Garden, Mushroom Garden and Aquarium Garden plants. Green Fingers can be achieved after growing ten Zen Garden plants to full size. Lastly, you can achieve the title Sultan of Spin by upgrading all your plants in Beghouled Twist. Popcap have also announced that future updates will include Retina Display support, IZombie, Vasebreaker, and much more. You can get all this new content, as well as all original game content for only $3.99AU or $2.99US.

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