Nintendo Slashes the price of the DSi & DSiXL in Australia…

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With the many recent drops we have seen on Nintendo’s handhelds in the past few months, this news isn’t too surprising, but it is still a nice deal for those who still haven’t upgraded to the latest versions of the Nintendo DS. As of June 30th, all Nintendo DSi & DSiXL systems will be dropping $50 in price each, making the Nintendo DSi $199.99 and the DSiXL $249.99 in both Australia and New Zealand.

Now that we are seeing drops for the more recent versions of the handheld, I am now beginning to wonder if the US and Europe will eventually see the same sort of treatment soon, being that the 3DS is starting to fully take off internationally. Either way, if you haven’t yet upgraded from that phat model or DS Lite, now is the time to take the plunge as the DSiWare’s huge library & extra online functions are certainly worth the price of admission.

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