New RAGE trailer shows off the town of Wellspring…

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If you have been anxiously waiting for more footage of  RAGE, you are in luck as Bethesda have now released a nearly eight minute gameplay clip that shows off life in the town of Wellspring. This first-person clip literally puts the viewer in a perspective as if they were actually playing the game themselves, showing off the stunning post-apocalyptic landscape as well as the colorful cast that inhabit it.

The visuals look fantastic in what we see here as id Software have fine-tuned the environment and atmosphere damn near flawlessly and just watching the clip makes the viewer want to grab a controller and start exploring this dark but lively little town. A bit of the combat is also shown as the main protagonist does battle with a few bandits and literally punches the heads of his enemies. Without a doubt, RAGE will be a heavy contender this year and we will probably see even more from id & Bethesda at E3 this year as RAGE is scheduled to release for the 360, PS3, & PC in September. For now, due yourself a favor and watch this lengthy clip below and once we hear more on RAGE, we will be sure to bring it to you.

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