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As if people couldn’t get more psyched for this game as they already are. During the EA press event of E3 2011, gamers watching worldwide were offered yet another piece of Star Wars based MMORPG goodness. The trailer for Bioware’s entry into the MMO market has captivated the attention of fans and media outlets alike. While obviously the pre-rendered cinematics don’t truly display the gameplay expeirence, if it’s job was to create hype and excitement, then it has most certainly been achieved.

When EA’s representative stood aside to allow the individual developers to flaunt their stuff, it was pretty obvious that Old Republic was going to be somewhere in the lineup. When the Star Wars theme began playing, the Bioware representative Dr Greg Zeschuk walked out to a round of audience applause. Bioware has had huge success with RPG series in the past, but they clearly wanted to treat something as big and expansive as Star Wars in a unique way. As he said, Bioware has not yet attempted something this big, not even with the Mass Effect series. The task required “an army of artists, engineers, designers and producers”. Those fortunate enough to be present at E3 were promised a chance to engage with and view the myraids of new content, including Raids, new planets and environments, game types, and of course, core gameplay itself.

“Just play it. Get lost in it. Live in it.”

Well, why not? It’s what Bioware RPG’s are famous for. 🙂

The trailer itself opens with a monologue of the typical kind of “peace descending into chaos” storyline that is characteristic the Star Wars universe. But it doesn’t take long for the action to kick in. 300 years following the events of the Knights of the Old Republic seriess, the Sith have returned from their millenia long exile to punish the Jedi and the Republic for their actions in the great Hyperspace war. Re-claiming the anicent Sith World of Korriban is no doubt the first step. With the Galaxy thrown into the chaos of war, players are invited to choose sides in this eternal conflict. (Naturally for Star Wars.) Will you aid the light side in prevailing against the Sith? Or will the draw of the Dark side push you to destroy the Republic?

However, it should also be mentioned that at the same time, a second cinematic trailer was also released on the internet. Part of the cinematics for this trailer made up the Old Republic press event feature. It must be said that what was displayed in what is being called the “opening” trailer has most certainly tickled my fancy. The trailer itslef opens with a a small group of people on a Space station discussing what to do with a smuggler they found attempting to steal Sith artifacts from Korriban. Suddenly, several Sith dreadnoughts drop out of Hyperspace, and a battle ensues. In the hero party, we get to see each of the 4 light side character roles at work, inclduing:

  • the Soldier, acting as the heavy weapons specialist in a stormtrooper like uniform. The militaristic character type.
  • the Smuggler, the cheeky rogue with an aptitude for both piloting and light gunplay. Clearly appealing to those wishing to follow a Han Solo or Malcom Reynolds type of character.
  • the Jedi Guardian, an up-front weapons specialist that excels in Lightsaber combat. For those that want to emulate the path of Luke Skywalker.
  • the Jedi Consular, the party member with the strongest force affliation. For those who believe their game would be best suited to playing like Yoda.

Additionally 2 of the Empire classes are shown:

  • the Sith Warrior, the Empire’s equivalent of the Jedi Guardian. A brutal, up-front brawler with an affinity for the blade. The Darht Vader character type.
  • the Sith Inquisitor, who are masters of Dark Side powers. Well suited for the player who want to emulate the Emperor’s role.

This extended opening trailer is posted below.

The event presentation of the trailer  however didn’t teally display anything new to the media. The CG effects and cinematics were combinations of previous trailers wound together, but with the accompanying voice overs and musical score made them feel all the more epic. While obviously restricted by time limitations in the presentation, some more in depth details of new game features or even a release date would have been welcomed. Regardless however, the hype has been created. And I for one cannot wait until it’s released. And fingers crossed it can even give WoW a run for it’s money in the MMO market. I’m extremely hopeful for its success.

May the Force be with you, Bioware.

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