New Mario Kart 3DS Trailer Revealed at E3…

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Nintendo finally revealed Mario Kart 3DS in all it’s glory during their presentation today, and from the looks of it this will be one of the franchise’s most innovative outing yet. This Mario Kart will not only utilize the system’s 3D graphics, but also will add new elements to gameplay such as attachments that let you take to the skies or dive down deep underwater as you race to the finish.

Also shown in the brand new trailer (which you can view below) was a new customization feature, allowing players to combine different pieces from vehicles and create a whole new was to race. Aside from all of the goodies in store with this new entry, one thing that struck a chord with myself was how this title resembles Mario Kart 64, a title that in my opinion truly launched the franchise into the success it is today. After watching the trailer, tell us what you think of Mario Kart 3DS in the comments below.

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