New Camping Mama trailer Shows new style of Gameplay…

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If you are reading this now and own a Nintendo Wii or a DS, there is a good chance you have played a Cooking Mama title in one form or another. A new Japanese trailer has just released for the upcoming entry into the franchise, Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures, and things look very…different.

Instead of a close-up mini-game format in which you assist Mama with all sorts of tasks, Camping Mama looks to completely break away from the franchise with a top down view in which you actually control Mama & Family (which includes the newly added Papa) as they perform their camping duties in whole new ways. I want to say this style of gameplay closely resembles what we have seen in the Harvest Moon DS titles, but it is still to soon to tell at the moment and hopefully Majesco will step in soon enough and give us a better breakdown on how the gameplay will actually work. For now though, you can check out the trailer below (via Siliconera) and let us know what you think of this new gameplay style in the comments below.

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