Namco Launch “DualPenSports” on the 3DS…

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I know just about all of you are probably playing Zelda if you own a 3DS right now, but Namco have their own unique title that just launched today by the name of DualPenSports that is certainly worth a look. This title is a sports game with quite a unique control scheme as players will use two styluses to play classic sports such as Soccer, Boxing, Archery and other activities with the 3D effect in full display.

Don’t have two styluses you say? DualPenSports has you covered as it comes bundled with two special sports styluses, themed to fit the game. On top of the sports in the game, DualPenSports offers up two training modes, Daily Challenge and Touch Exercise Mode, dedicated to improving players’ stylus coordination. Daily Challenge does as the name states and provides a different sport to practice your touch screen coordination each day while Touch Exercise brings new sports into the picture to better get adjusted to the unique control scheme.

Customization is also a huge factor with the title, as players are able to change characters’ clothing, expressions, and overall appearance to better fit their own personality. Normally the thought of a sports title is commonly snubbed by core gamers out there, but due to the interesting control method and surprisingly vast amount of content, DualPenSports may be the sleeper hit of the 3DS’ library this year. Check out the trailer below for a better look.

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