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How was Supanova 2011? The Fans Let Us Know

So those who did go should know how it was already but if you were just wondering how others felt or maybe if you didn’t go and are wondering what is there and if it’s worth going to next year you should really read below.

I totally enjoyed myself at Supanova and I loved the stalls and people there but don’t take only my word for it. I interviewed some friendly people at the convention and here are the results:

1. What did you come to Supanova for?

To check it out – Anon

To hang with friends – Daniel

To cosplay,  hang with friends and participate in pop culture appreciation – Simon

To cosplay and hang out with friends – Aura

2.    How have you liked this convention?

Heaps Interesting- Anon

It’s like a busier Armaggedon, busy but fun! – Daniel

It has more variety, bigger and more crowded than most others, all of which make it fun – Simon

Awesome because of the x-women 😀 – Flem

Bit overly crowded but I have loved it – Aura

3.  What was the best thing about this convention?

Seeing the creativity – costumes. Also being tempted to buy stuff! – Anon

Cosplay girls :D- Daniel

Girls cosplaying. Meeting my favorite actors/ voice actors – Simon

Risque Cosplay – Flem

Hanging out with my friends – Aura

4.  What was the worst thing about this convention?

Sooo many people – too busy – Anon

Badly dressed Cosplay Girls and VERY LONG Lines – Daniel

Try hard cosplayers. The lines for everything. Losing your way – Simon

Fat dudes in revealing cosplays – Flem

Too many people and too big lines – Aura

5.  What do you think of the price of the ticket?

Reasonable – Anon

Reasonably priced – Daniel

OK – Simon

Fair – Flem

Allright – Aura

6.  What do you think about the venue?

Adequate – Anon

Very Pleasent – Daniel

Best chosen for an event this size – Simon

Needs to be larger, considering the volume of people – Flem

It’s good – Aura

7.  How was this convention compared to other conventions?

I am a convention virgin – Anon

Very good, but far more packed – Daniel

Bigger, more then just anime, covering every part of popular culture than just one – Simon

The Herp! Revealed a lot of anime appreciators- Flem

Good but a bit too packed – Aura

8.  What was your favorite stall?

Madman caught my interest – Anon

GAME! $1 Stuff – Daniel

The GAME stall, where there was merchandise for bargain prices – Simon


Bargain Basement – Aura

9.  What was yout favorite moment of the convention?

Dunno, though it was cool to bump into an anime friend I haven’t seen for ages – Anon

Getting in…. Finally! – Daniel

Seeing Tiffany Grant and Yuk Miyamura and getting to talk to them- Simon

Gundam Trailer! – Flem

Probably getting people recognizing me as Chrona on saturday – Aura

So I advice that you check out Supanova yourself out next year!!! 😀

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