Driver San Francisco Developer Diary

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The upcoming Driver game, Driver San Francisco, is currently undergoing development for its release later this year. The title features a new Shift Mode that allows players to switch between vehicles on the fly (almost literally), as well as a gripping story and gameplay.

The developers behind the game, Ubisoft Reflections, have recently released a developer diary of the title discussing various aspects of the game. So get ready to gear up and drive on to an informative video as presented by Martin Edmondson, the Creative Director behind the game.
Developed by Ubisoft Reflections DRIVER® SAN FRANCISCO signs a return to the roots of the original title. Much to the delight of action driving gamers, DRIVER® SAN FRANCISCO features a unique open city driving and a shift mode allowing easy switching between cars.
Gear up for furious chases and hunt down your worst enemy in San Francisco !
DRIVER® SAN FRANCISCO will be released on September 1st 2011.

-Quoted from Youtube video.


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