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Usually when you have a birthday people lavish you with gifts, but our friends over at are celebrating their first birthday by giving you something for free. Every day for 5 days starting from the 1st June they will be offering a free game download to you for FREE!!!!. This is in addition to120 DRM free low price titles. specialises in bringing Retro titles back on todays current platforms. They have worked on such titles as Street Fighter 2 and the R-type franchise for adobe and IPhone.

Here is a list of the awesome retro titles they are literally giving away to you

June 1st: Gobliiins – A classic 90’s retro click and shoot, featuring Oups, Ignatius and Asgard in a classic save the King scenario

June 2nd: Hammerin’ Harry – One of Irem Arcades best titles where players have to defeat the Rusty nailers and their wild buildings

June 3rd: Robinson’s Requiem – Take on the role of Trepliev1 in this survivial horror game where your ice cold mannerisms and survival skills will be thoroughly tested.

June 4th: Dragon Breed – A horizontal shoot-em-up, where players sit aside a Dragon. Also part of the Irem Arcades hit compilation.

June 5th: Warzone 2100 – Classic game released originally in 1999, real time strategy where players witness the end of a civilisation. This will be offered free even after the promotion has ended.

All games are compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7 and come DRM free. All available for 24hr download on date.

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