Capcom removes character limiting DRM from Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition

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With PC games being easily pirateable, most companies have included DRM in their PC titles. This is of course true with Capcom’s Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition. Of course sometimes the DRM measures are a bit too extreme, which was the case with SSFIVAE. Capcom announced some time ago that the DRM restrictions would make it so that anyone that is not connected to the internet with SSFIVAE would only be able to access less than half of the characters available in the game’s roster.

Of course, the gaming community was outraged by this and in a surprising turn of events, Capcom actually listened to their user base’s requests and are going to release a title update around the launch of SSFIVAE for the PC version of the game. This update will disable the DRM restriction on the roster, allowing offline users to play all 39 characters when they aren’t connected to the internet. It’s good to see Capcom actually listen to their users, though maybe they should still be working on y’know… Street Fighter V before the little initials SSFIVAE are longer than the actual title.

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