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Usually when something involving the PSN is mentioned lately it only has to deal with bad news, but that is not the case involving the newly released details for a game called Amy. Amy is a PSN exclusive and it will be a horror game that apparently will hearken back to the days of classic survival horror. But this time around, it will do it better.

The details posted on the PlayStation Blog went over a number of features in the game as well as covering the basics of the storyline. Amy will take place in the year 2034 and players will be controlling a girl named Lana. Global warming has caused an outbreak of new diseases, natural disasters and to make matters worse a comet has just struck Silver City, the town where Lana lives.

Because of the comet, Lana finds the majority of the townsfolk transformed into hideous monsters by a new virus. Players must fight off infection by either taking medical units from dead soldiers or from a strange girl named Amy. Amy has the ability to heal Lana as well as keep her free from the virus. The army and the monsters want Amy’s ability for themselves so you must do your best to escape Silver City alive with her.

The game will allow different approaches to situations, including spying on enemies from inside closets or sneaking around them. You can also engage them in combat but Lana isn’t a trained fighter which means that this is not always the best choice. An interesting note is that if Lana becomes infected, monsters will usually ignore her. However if Lana is not cured quickly she still can die. So far only three locations have been mentioned, these include a train station, the city streets and of course a hospital. No word on how much Amy will cost but this game certainly has me reaching for my pocketbook.

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