Amazon offers Captain America: Super Soldier at a Discounted Price…

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Let’s face it, games based on comic books or movies these days are extremely hit and miss. Captain America: Super Soldier however is showing a lot of promise at the moment and hopefully will be a worthy experience. Those who would rather not dish out the $49.99 on the game but are still interested in giving Sega’s latest super hero title a try might be interested to know that Amazon have (temporarily?) listed Captain America: Super Soldier for just $37.49 with free shipping (Xbox 360 & Playstation 3 only), an early price-tag that drops the title to 25% off before launch.

Captain America: Super Soldier doesn’t release until July 19th, but this price is certainly worthy of mention for those on the fence with the Captain’s latest entry into the video game world. You can click HERE to be taken directly to Amazon’s official page or HERE to snag the game from Capsule Computer’s Amazon store at the same discounted price.

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