Ten Kirbys’ Infest New DS Cover art…

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Look at all the Kirby! Nintendo of Japan have just revealed the cover art you see above for the newest title in the series, Gather! Kirby will have the player control 10 different Kirby (clones?) at once using the stylus in a brand new adventure. As you can tell by the cover above, this Kirby game is looking (not confirmed though) to have ten personalities attached as well, which is a concept I would love to see.

Now it is time to play the guessing game at when Nintendo of America will make a reveal for Gather! Kirby and what name it will receive for localization. I am thinking E3 will hold more answers about this and the expected Wii title the pink mascot will grace this year, but for now this cover is certainly a tasty appetizer of what is to come.

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