Solatorobo: Red the Hunter Dated For Europe…

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Solatorobo: Red The Hunter was originally released in Japan last year by Namco and thankfully Nintendo decided to pick this rather unknown title up and bring it to a larger audience across seas. While it is still unknown if the future RPG will hit the U.S., Nintendo of Europe have now set the date for the anthropomorphic adventure, having it hit shelves in the region on July 1st on the Nintendo DS.

Solatorobo: Red the Hunter puts players in the shoes (or paws for that matter) of Red Savarin, a 17 year old anthropomorphic dog and his robot sidekick, Dahak who do battle with giant robotic “mecha” and other enemies on a journey through the floating islands of the Shepherd Republic. After encountering the mysterious “Elh”, Red gets caught up in a mess of trouble and now must save the world from destruction against the evil being, Lares.

What makes Solatorobo different from other RPGs is the many different modes within the game. Battling is very present in which you must “lift and smash robot opponents” to gain more health for Red. There are also 70 different quests to partake in as well to level up your character and earn money along the journey through the islands in a overall 20+ hour experience.

I always enjoy seeing new IPs come out for any console, and Solatorobo: Red the Hunter seems to stick out from the other title’s in the genre for the DS. The art is also quite stunning for the title, which was designed by Nobuteru Yuki, who also designed characters for Chrono Cross, Dragon Force II, and many Japanese anime TV series and movies. While there isn’t a whole lot of footage from the actual game, I will leave you all with a Japanese trailer until something else surfaces which you can check out below.

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