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SHMUSICUP is now out of Beta

SHMUSICUP, the rhythm-inspired shoot em up from Tzai Entertainment, has received quite a bit of attention lately for its custom soundtracks, music based bullet patterns, and all around badassery. That makes it even more exciting to finally announce that today SHMUSICUP has finally left its beta stage and is out for full release.

Players who pre-ordered the game can download the PC client here and get right to dodging bullets to their favorite tunes. For those who have yet to purchase SHMUSICUP, there’s no time like the present. If you head over to the official SHMUSICUP site you can still pick it up for the special pre-order price of $9.99, for now at least. The developers at Tzai have also promised that although the game is in full release status now, they will continue to support it with patches and updates according to feedback and bug reports, so make sure to speak up!