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PopCap & Taito Launch Pop Tower in Japan…

In their quest to conquer the current social gaming market, PopCap have now partnered up with Taito to introduce the world to Pop Tower, a new meta-game that will launch thanks to Japanese networking provider GREE. Pop Tower is a brand new step for the company to further their monopoly on the social gaming scene, with the classic Bejeweled set to launch on the service. Chuzzle and Zuma are also coming soon to Pop Tower, allowing for users to play many of newly customized PopCap favorites, featuring all-new game modes that allow for more socialization and multi-player interactivity.

Pop Tower itself is a meta-game which will utilize the networking service GREE, full of RPG elements that sees players rescue PopCap’s beloved game characters to restore beauty to the land.

James Gwertzman, PopCap’s Vice President for Asia/Pacific, had this to say on the partnered launch of Pop Tower:

Many of us grew up playing Taito games, so we’re especially delighted to partner with Taito to launch Pop Tower. The results of the collaboration are everything we expect from a PopCap game – it’s innovative, creative, and a bit quirky too. Pop Tower is undoubtedly one of the most exciting projects we’ve worked on to date, and I’m particularly proud that our Japanese team managed to bring it to market on schedule despite the devastating effects of the recent earthquake.

PopCap are expanding at quite a rapid pace, but you have to admit that the whole concept behind Pop Tower is certainly an interesting one and I would love to see someone like Facebook eventually adapt this new service, as it is filled with potential. With the way things are going I would say soon, PopCap could very well launch their own console or gaming device, another concept I would be all for.