New From EA – Draw Jump and Need For Speed Update

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Some big news from EA this week. Firstly, EA have just released a new game, Draw Jump. If this isn’t enough for EA fans, then get your hands on the latest update for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit, now featuring autolog.

While Draw Jump might sound fairly close to Doodle Jump in title, the two are far from the same, apart from the act of jumping. Cosmo the rocket man needs some help reaching new heights, and the only way for this to happen is if you help out by drawing tampolines to launch him higher and higher. Draw Jump features six colourful and imaginative levels to jump through, as well as an environmental undertone. Cosmo doesn’t use any rocket fuel, but rather sunflower fuel cells as a means of boosting jumps. Finally, an eco-friendly form of space travel!

From sunflower fuel cells, to high-speed petrol fueled racing. EA have released a new update for Need for Speed Hot Pursuit. The latest update features: Speedwall, enabling you to compete with friends and compare scores on leaderboards, Autolog recommends to alert you when friends are racing and Autolog friends list that allows you to stay connected to your fellow racers.

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