Marvelous Entertainment and AQ Interactive enter merger

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In an interesting move, Marvelous Entertainment who is the developer of the personally beloved Harvest Moon series and the Japanese publisher of titles such as No More Heroes, Deadly Premonition and Muramasa has entered a merger with AQ Interactive according to Andriasang. AQ Interactive is the publisher of games such as Bullet Witch, Blue Dragon Plus and a 3DS title known as Cubic Ninja.

Also merging with the two companies is Liveware which was originally a part of Marvelous Entertainment. If the merger is successful it will be finalized on October 1st and be named Marvelous AQL. Last year AQ Interactive absorbed its subsidiary Cavia which worked on the Drakengard and Nier titles so it will be interesting to see what this merger will mean for both companies and their respective games.v

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