Little Indie: Hero to the Indie Game Scene

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Do you foam at the mouth while obsessing about the emerging indie gaming scene? Do you wish these creative and raw games had a larger voice so more people could share in your obsession? I know I have; and Little Indie has heard our cries. Little Indie is an online-distribution platform for PC where gamers and indie game developers are married into a sweet-delicious union.

Little Indie is designed for those developers who don’t have the time or the capital to advertise and distribute their games they way they should be. Independent developers can publish on and can take advantage of being supported in presentation and public relations by Little Indie. And the online-platform will be a serious source for gamers looking for fresh and innovative gaming concepts.

Developers who use will have access to all the platform features which are easily integrated into the software including an achievement system, online leaderboards or an automatic update function. While on Little Indie, users can communicate via a lot of social media functions including a friends list and a messaging system.

Overall Little Indie sounds exactly like the sort of thing the indie gaming scene needs and could be something really special. But it can’t get there without the support of the community, so I implore you all to check them out and friend them on facebook.

Little Indie is scheduled for a full launch this summer.

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