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L.A. Noire’s mysterious Rockstar Pass uncovered

With L.A. Noire releasing next week we can expect that the gaming community won’t have a whole lot to do besides sit there and play it like crazy. But the revelation of a new add-on for L.A. Noire revealed from the latest Xbox Live release schedule is bringing up a few questions. These questions come from the fact that there has been no word about the DLC from either Microsoft or Rockstar.

Called the Rockstar Pass it will be released the same day as the game for 800 MSP. The pass could be some form of Project Ten Dollar that has been headlined by EA but it wouldn’t really fit into the world that is L.A. Noire. It’s been speculated that it is the whole package of pre-order DLC that Rockstar mentioned would be available for separate purchase after the game comes out. This revelation is a bit confusing and we have contacted Rockstar to find out more.

Travis Bruno
Travis Bruno
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