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Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar is coming to PAL in 2011

Rising Star Games has just announced that Harvest Moon: Grand Bazaar will be released in PAL this year. This latest game in the Harvest Moon series will feature a new bazaar system, improved farming and relationship mechanics, windmills to combine ingredients to make unique goods, and more! Along with the classic gaming features of the Harvest Moon franchise, Grand Bazaar will include the return of the horse race festival!

Set in Zephyr Town, its once world famous bazaar has sadly succumbed to an economic low, and you, as a Harvest Moon standard, are the new farmer in town! Your positive and ambitious attitude is just what Zephyr Town’s bazaar needs to get back on its feet! With your success (hopefully!) in farming, management, retail and life (don’t forget to be kind to your neighbours!), you can revitalize this fading market and transform it to the glorious and prosperous world famous bazaar that it used to be!

Jorel Alvarez
Jorel Alvarez
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