Dynasty Warriors 7 Japanese voices released alongside other DLC

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Tecmo Koei previously announced that they would be releasing the Japanese voice track for the game for free but did not place a release date on the actual release. If you take a look on the XBLM then you will know now that the Japanese voice option is available for download as well as a slew of other content that costs a little bit of money. When the PSN finally goes up you will also be able to purchase this content or download the voices for free.

The new content includes some costume packs, a weapon pack and a new stage and background music package. Unfortunately the Costume Packs do cost money which is unfortunate because they were previously mentioned to be free but instead will only cost $1.00. You can find the full list of content released today as DLC below with prices included:

  • Costume Pack 0 (DW1 costumes) – 80 MSP/$1.00
  • Costume Pack 1 (DW6 costumes) – 80 MSP/$1.00
  • New Stage & BGM Pack 1 (Sanjiang Castle map, plus eight music tracks from DW5/DW6) – 240 MSP/$3.00
  • Weapon Pack 1 (Dagger-Axe and Bomb) – 160 MSP/$2.00
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