Dragon Quest X Possibly in the works…

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If you are a Dragon Quest fan, then you should know that this year marks the 25th anniversary for the RPG series. Thankfully, we have a new Rocket Slime title confirmed for release sometime this year on the 3DS (hopefully outside of Japan that is) and now we have something much larger coming our way if these new rumors end up being true.

At a recent Dragon Quest III concert, series composer Koichi Sugiyama was reported to have made a statement that he was presently working on music for Dragon Quest X, which was stated to be headed to the Wii sometime in 2012. Buzz for Dragon Quest X has been circulating for quite a while now and this latest development certainly shows progress is being made for it’s completion. While we might not see another main game in the franchise for a while, I still would enjoy seeing something big for the series birthday and I would expect Square to have some kind of announcement forthcoming later this year.

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