Demo For Sonic Generations Rated by Australian Classifications Board

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Talk about getting something done early. While Sonic Generations doesn’t even release until “Holiday” of this year, the Australian Classifications Board have already rated the demo for the game many months in advance. Of course a “G” rating was given for the new Sonic title, but the rating really isn’t the story here. Demos for any title usually do not start to pop up until maybe a month or two before the said game typically releases, making this early and quite public rating raise quite a bit of speculation.

With E3 right around the corner, this could mean that Sega are ready to unveil a playable demo at the event or just simply launch the game’s demo on the XBLA and PSN alongside the inevitable trailers and footage that will be used to hype the game at the event. Judging by the early approach taken here by Sega to get this demo rated, all gamers anticipating the hedgehog’s return should no doubt keep their eyes peeled for a demo of some sort hitting consoles this summer (unless this is just a simple case of getting the whole process of ratings out of the way).

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